Basma Kindergarten

Basma Kindergarten in Taytaba neighborhood in Ain al-Hilweh camp Kindergarten was established in one of the poor neighborhoods of the camp, where there is no kindergarten for children in that neighborhood, the majority of its students are orphans who do not pay any financial compensation, and the rest of the social cases are very poor pay a small part of Kindergarten installments.

Who We are Help

Goods Association works through the implementation of its programs and projects to serve the segments of students and their families in our Palestinian society, and provides them with educational, social, psychological and recreational services, and works to provide financial guarantees for orphans and people in extreme hardship in order to help them bear the burdens of the difficult life they live in. This aid includes orphans, the poor in the Palestinian community, the Lebanese community, and the refugee from Syria.

Youth Education Center for Academic Support

Contribute to securing the costs of the educational youth center for academic support:
The Youth Educational Center for Academic Support was established in a poor area in the Ain al-Hilweh camp called the Al-Baraksat area, and this center aims to raise the educational level of poor students who live in the neighborhood, in return for a very small premium that is not enough to meet the center’s administrative and educational needs. The Association of Palestinians of France provided financial and material support, including computers, tables, chairs, and others, in order to help them perform their noble mission.

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    Humanitarian Aid Department

    “Basma Yateem” to empower orphans and the needy

    The “Basma Yateem” center works to empower the children of marginalized families and the children of orphans’ families in the educational, psychological, social and health aspects. And reintegrate them into society by empowering orphans mothers, providing life counseling and quickly intervening in crises, and rehabilitating them as the lifeline for these families to ensure their integration into society.
    Its activities are as follows:

    •  We currently have 85 students in the center, most of whom are orphans and the rest are from severe hardship.
    •  We offer academic support
    •  Recreational reinforcement
    • A healthy meal
    • Recreational trips Participation in public activities

      Our main partner:

      Association of Palestinians of France
      Address: France – Mulhouse.
      Postal address: 17 Aristide Brion Blvd.
      Chairman’s Name: Hussein Ali Farhoud.
      Email address:
      Phone Number: 0096176109995
      Fax of the Foundation: 0033369541164
      Date of foundation of the Foundation 2005.
      Institution registration number: 082 Mulhouse / France
      Account number: FR76 1027 8030 0100 0203 8320 131
      Bic : cmcifr2a Palestinians of France